This sauce is to die for! I’ve put it on everything from vegetables to ribs. It makes a great glaze on ham, and is so perfectly balanced it keeps your taste buds firing on all cylinders. A well crafted sauce like this takes your bbq to the next level. Nothing else comes close!

Your tongue is a landing strip eagerly awaiting the party and this barbecue sauce is the Antonov An 225 of flavor. From bathing your nuggies, slathering your burgers, or pampering your steak, this barbecue sauce soars through the staples of southwest flavor and will color your palate with the rugged beauty and heat of Arizona.

Hand holding a bottle of Navajo Mike's BBQ

Established in 2020, Navajo Mike's Barbeque started as a small dream in the kitchen and now has become a reality in the heart of the Tempe, Arizona. Blending old-fashioned style barbeque sauce with the homegrown tase of Arizona and diverse herbs and spices, Navajo Mike's Smoked Prickly Pear Barbeque Sauce came to life.